The first time I've heard anything about this self moving cart was from a friend who posted a video of a cart that seemed to just be moving down the sidewalk by itself, equipped with brake lights and everything. It seemed to be some kind of mobile device from some company, but neither myself or the woman shooting the video had any idea what it was. It turns out this mobile device is actually pretty amazing and filled with juicy, hot and fresh rotisserie chickens.

The company Tortoise was able to make Bridge St. Market in Grand Rapids an electric, zero-emissions robot that delivers chickens to store every morning. Now it turns out that the robot isn't properly named, and the market wants residents to do the naming.

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Submit a Name For The Robot

Until December 31st, Bridge St. Market is holding a contest where residents can nominate a name for bragging rights and recognition for the creation, as they announced on their website:

It’s true – we have a new mascot, and it’s a zero emissions delivery robot! Since we opened in 2018, meeting the needs of our community has been our number one priority. So, when shoppers started asking for rotisserie chickens, we had to deliver. Our friends up at the Meijer on Alpine have worked with us to produce chickens for our shoppers and with a variety of delivery partners, we’ve had them delivered fresh and hot every day since.

Public voting will be held January 4-9, with the announcement being made on January 14th.

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