All of Michigan’s alcohol breath testing devices are back in service. State investigators continue their probe into the company that supplies the equipment. The Michigan State Police launched a criminal investigation last month into contract employees with Intoximeters Inc. and suspended its contract after evidence suggested the company falsified records and misrepresented the devices’ accuracy. At the time. the Detroit Free Press reported all Datamaster DMT devices had been sidelined until State Police could verify that each was properly calibrated. About 40 of the 203 devices were back in service within a few days. The units are used at local police stations and detention centers to test blood-alcohol levels in cases of suspected drunken driving.

State police report device technicians were unable to maintain and certify the machines in a timely fashion, while incorrectly recording data from tests.   Their actions caused impaired driving cases in Montcalm County and Wayne County to be dismissed. So far no charges have been filed against the technicians or the company they worked for.

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