Driving and finding a 'Road Closed' sign is almost always an aggravation. Now that means a detour, perhaps lengthy, to get where you're going. But there likely a good reason for the road to be closed, and quite a bit of trouble ahead if you attempt to circumvent the closure.

But there's always someone who thinks the signs don't apply to them. And then this happens. The Cass County Road Commission shared the following caution and reminder on Facebook:

We CANNOT stress enough the importance of safety and why you DON'T DRIVE AROUND BARRICADES! As extra precaution we put piles of sand at this road closure site. If you choose to ignore the barricades your safety is at risk!

The photo above is from Wade Road is south of Vandalia and runs between Chain Lake Street and Mount Zion Street. And the minivan that chose to drive onto the dirt barrier (how does that even happen?!), unsurprisingly garnered some well-deserved Ha-Ha's on Facebook.

Bring on the self-driving cars, they can't do any worse.

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