They have been on your TV in the morning for years but that will change on July 30. Fox 17's Mike Avery and Deanna Falzone will be taking their careers in different directions.

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Deanna Falzone will remain at Fox 17 with a different position. She has decided to spend less time behind the anchor desk and appropriate more time with her family. In the new role, Falzone will will continue to tell important stories focused on mental health, beating the odds, and the good things people across West Michigan are doing for each other. Falzone stated,

"It was a hard decision, but in my heart, I know it’s the best decision for my family and me. My boys are only little for so long and they deserve more than I am able to give them right now (with an alarm that goes off at 3 a.m). This past year has put a lot into perspective for me (as it has for so many others) and getting to wake up with them in the mornings while working remote, made me realize just how fleeting these years are.

While stepping away from the morning show will be hard, I am thankful for new opportunities at the station. "

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Mike Avery is stepping away not just from FOX 17, but the news industry and West Michigan entirely. Avery said,

"For years, my family has talked about getting closer to our family in Northern California, and recently I was presented with an opportunity outside of television that I could not turn down. We will be leaving West Michigan soon."


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