A high school in California, Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom,  has warned their students against chanting 'USA' at sporting events in case it offends students of 'different ethnicities'.

A local CBS affiliate is reporting that the principal of Vista del Lago in Folsom, sent an email to parents of students of the high school and made an announcement over the PA system last Thursday.

The principal suggested that it was appropriate for students to chant 'USA' after singing the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance but she warned them that if used at athletic events in any other way, it could risk sending an 'unintended message'.

In her email to the parents she wrote:

What is the intent, and is it open to misinterpretation? What would be the purpose at a sporting event?  First, I want to make clear that we have not prohibited students from chanting “USA” during athletic events or from expressing their patriotism while at school.

At some schools throughout the country, the subject of patriotic chants has recently and increasingly caused concern in different communities after allegations that students were inappropriately taunting athletic opponents of different ethnicities. Here at Vista del Lago, we have not received any such complaints.

However, in our ongoing efforts to promote sportsmanship, empathy, and kindness, we have recently started a conversation with our students to ensure they fully think through their decisions before choosing how to express themselves”

It is sad that in this day and age it has come to the point that chanting “USA” could be considered “inappropriate and intolerant”.  What has this country come to?

We all should be proud to live in a country like the United States of America where a government institution, like the public high school, could consider pride in one’s country to be “inappropriate and intolerant” and their leaders not be thrown into a gulag.

It is time us American’s who are proud of our country take this country back from it’s detractors and “Make America Great Again”.

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