Let's travel back in time and look at this medieval-style castle in Cleveland, Ohio. So many have dreamed of living in this kind of luxury and watching down on the rest of the town from the castle's tower. Some don't even want to look down on everyone but instead just like the vibes that a castle provides and others just like the exterior materials and aesthetic.

Nonetheless, this castle located at 3860 W 44th St. in Cleveland is breathtaking in its own right, equipped with some unique features and others that make you scratch your head. I don't know much about thrones, but from the size of this home, there are plenty of spaces to place one for the highness to rest in. The castle has plenty of space for large family gatherings, yet there are only three bedrooms.

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The master bedroom and bathroom are one of the main focal points for buyers, the master set in this home was interesting, to say the least. The entire master suite used triangle door frames at the top instead of standard rectangular ones, there was a great sun window, lots of space, and an air conditioner in the bedroom. The master bathroom had a different look with so all the wood, then a glass shower, and a bath chair.

There's a library on the second floor, which can be used for any purpose now, and even a walk-in space at the bottom of the tower that could be used as a wine cellar or art studio. There is a nice-sized front yard, a grassless backyard, a paved driveway, and a two-car garage to seal the deal. This castle offers so much for the imagination, what do you think?

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Photos of the Interior and Exterior of a Beautiful Castle For Sale in Cleveland

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