We have to take the good were we can with the Coronavirus problem.  That good comes in the way of American companies who had their products manufactured in China now looking to bring their manufacturing back to the United States. It gets even better when they bring the manufacturing of their products to Michigan.

MLive is reporting that a company based in Atlanta Georgia that makes scarves, sweatshirts and other outerwear is moving part of their manufacturing process from China to Grand Rapids.

The owner of the Atlanta based company said that the coronavirus outbreak in China has caused more than 1,000 orders waiting to be filled.  He then stated:

As a business, if you don’t have anything to sell, you’re not a business, and you’re out of business pretty quick

The owner said the manufacturing process of his product that will be performed in Grand Rapids will cost him 400% more but his company will have to absorb that costs to stay competitive in the market. 

The Coronavirus is making the world go crazy due to the panic news coverage and certainly not what the medical professionals are saying about it.  The only good that may come from it is companies realizing they can no longer trust manufacturing in countries like China and instead bring it home to the good old U.S.A.

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