An area cat rescue sees its resources depleted as the shelter is filled to the brim.

Companion Cats is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of volunteers. Its mission is to spay or neuter and find suitable homes for unowned cats, thus ending the suffering of abandoned and homeless cats living on the streets. After stepping up to provide medical expenses for two found cats found in awful shape and then arriving to find a cage of kittens abandoned at the Companion Cats facility, the non-profit is asking for the community to donate, adopt, and volunteer.

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Many rescues have costs that far exceed money brought in through donations and grants. Companion Cats is no different. In the last few weeks, they stepped in to aid in getting care for two found cats when no one else would or could. Sadly, despite herculean efforts to save the two felines, they both passed away. But not before every effort to save them was exhausted. Those efforts come with a big price tag.

As if that wasn't enough, staff arrived at the Battle Creek rescue facility last week to find two kittens abandoned during the night. Staff arrived to find the two babies cold, hungry, dirty, and thirsty locked in a cage just outside the door.

Courtesy of Companion Cats
Courtesy of Companion Cats

The kittens, now named Amber and Abner, are now safe. But Companion Cats needs your help to ensure Amber, Abner, and all of the rest of the felines who had previously been cast aside get the help they need.

The biggest need is financial. Making sure the medical needs for each of their cats are covered. Every cat and kitten adopted from Companion Cats is spayed/neutered, receives all age-appropriate vaccinations, is microchipped, tested for FIV/FeLV, and has all medical needed before leaving the rescue's doors.

Here is how to help

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