Things are crazy and scary in the world with the unfolding coronavirus pandemic. So what would it hurt if we took to a drastic measure for some mental relief... Christmas. There is an effort to lift some spirits by asking people to get their Christmas lights and decorations back out, especially outdoor ones, to help calms thing down a little bit and brighten up the neighborhood? It hasn't seemed to take off yet, but there is a push among some Twitter users according to an article on Yahoo.

A woman shared that an elderly neighbor had come to her house and asked her husband to turn on the Christmas lights because there is so much darkness and scariness now. So, there are bright dancing Christmas lights now on in their neighborhood. #coronakindness

Who knows if this will take off locally or across the country at all. But I love the idea and the sentiment. Things are more bizarre right now than they have ever been in our lifetimes. Why not have an emergency Christmas season now, as spring is beginning, to lift some spirits around us for a while during this not so festive time.

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