Smile for the camera? Not on your life.

During a segment on new car seat laws in Pennsylvania that ran on Fox 29's Good Day Philadelphia, 23-month-old Noah does everything in his power not to cooperate during a demonstration on the proper way to put a child in one of the specially-designed units.

In a video that should be shown in sex ed classrooms all over the country about how exhausting having a child can be, Noah screams, rips off part of the car, kicks, slinks down in his seat, cries and makes a beeline for the driver's seat, leading to the best quote of the segment, which comes courtesy of a rep from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: "We would recommend that he does not drive the vehicle and that he rides in his car seat."

Whew, thanks for clarifying that.

We're guessing that Noah's mom wound up walking him home because it's plain to see there's just no way he was going to get into that car seat. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is parenthood in a nutshell.

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