How do you feel about the jersey the Detroit Lions wear? For some fans this may be no big deal, but for others any changes are monumental and worth overthinking.

The question is being asked because of a report on a Sports Illustrated owned website, Fan Nation. It says the Lions are eligible to redesign the unis in 2022. It turns out the NFL has rule that you have to live with your choice for at least five years (sounds like your parents, eh?) and the last time the Lions did this was 2017.

There are several ways to go with this. The uniforms you see above from this past season are based on the uniforms worn by the World Champion Detroit Lions of 1957. Take a look at this video. It's at about the halfway mark. Honolulu Blue and with silver numbers. No stripes, no frills. Basic. It's a throwback.

Then you have the essentially same unis the team has worn almost 60 years. This pretty much coincides with the ownership of William Clay Ford and his family. Still, you can make an argument for this traditional outfit.

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But, with the Lions appearing to be starting a turn-around (and that's a very optimistic "if") isn't it time to maybe put together a sharp, snazzy, outfit to go with a better football team?

Brace yourself. This many shock you. What about changing the teams colors? The Lions have been pretty horrible for over half a century. Are you really married to those colors? I know, the colors didn't cause the team to lose, but... maybe it's time you start a new era. What around Maroon and Gold. No, too close to USFL's Michigan Panthers, the last pro football team to win anything. The Leos already have a black and a grey alternate jersey. Green, Navy Blue and Purple are out (the other three teams in the division). How about bold Red and Silver?

Or, better yet, how about win a lot of games, and then you can wear any uniform and it won't matter.

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