Week 15 of the 2016 NFL season, could be the one that sends the Detroit Lions back to the playoffs for the 3rd time this decade.

Boasting a 9-4 record heading into Week 15, good for a 2nd seeding if they playoffs began today, and a 2 game lead in the NFC North, the team's playoff clinching scenarios come from a possible clinch of a divisional title.

Here are the Week 15 scenarios that could lead to a Lions playoff berth:

A win over the Giants (who also have slight path to a playoff berth this week as well - Win at Detroit plus losses by Washington, Green Bay and Minnesota) coupled with a Green Bay loss at the Bears will make the Lions divisional champions.

Much more unlikely, a second path follows a Lions tie along with a Green Bay loss and a Minnesota loss or tie in the Vikings game against the Colts. That would seal the deal for Detroit.

Sunday's 1PM match-up pitting the Lions and Giants will set the winner up with an inside track to securing a first round play-off bye.

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