As I have been stating on my radio show these mob uprisings happening all over the country have very little to do with police shootings and more to do with creating chaos.

The Detroit News is reporting about a police shooting of a man who via body camera and dashboard video was proven to be the one that started shooting directly at the police.  That did not matter to the mob they started throwing “bottles, bricks and other projectiles” at the police before they even knew what actually happened.

Last Friday the Detroit Police were arresting a man on an outstanding drug warrant that man put up his hands and complied with the officers.  The video then shows another man by the name of Hakim Littleton for no reason at all walking up to the officers, reaching into his pockets pulling out a gun and firing directly at the police officers just a mere few feet away, just missing an officers head.

At that point, three officers returned fire all hitting and killing Littleton. The Detroit Chief of Police James Craig praised his officers and said one of them actually charged the gunman to attempt to subdue him, of that officer he said:

He's a hero...He showed tremendous courage trying to apprehend an armed suspect. It's simply a miracle he's alive.

Shortly after the shooting the police held a press conference at the Public Safety Headquarters, Detroit police Chief James Craig said he released the video as soon as possible after the incident to subdue:

a false narrative" that the shooting was unjustified. The "erroneous information that was put out has incited violence

In a statement that night, the mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan said police footage demonstrated that the officers' actions were justified and:

The video is clear that the officer was suddenly and unexpectedly fired upon...I commend Chief Craig for moving so quickly to release the video publicly.

Did the video stop the mob? No!

Did the truth stop the mob? No!

Did the facts stop the mob? No!


Because nothing matters to many in these mobs other than creating chaos and causing violence and destruction.

Even after the truth was known was displayed via video the mob of approximately 300 “people” still showed up at the scene and carrying signs and chanting "we want badge numbers," and "killer cops get out of town."

Wake Up America and smell the aggression and violence that is brewing around you.

Ask yourself which political party will stand up for you and who will stand up for the mob.  The answer has already been established so come this fall will you vote for the party encouraging and endorsing the mob either outright or by their silence or the party that wants to address any grievances via discussions and end this lawlessness?

Every day the decision on what party to vote for this fall is getting easier and easier.

Detroit Tigers Hall of Famer Al Kaline 1934-2020

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