Are the Tigers changing uniforms? How can you abandon over 110 years of tradition? Relax, it's going to be ok.

The Detroit Tigers are indeed tweaking their traditional "Olde English D". But it's to just match the "D" on their caps. And to make the "D" bigger on the cap.

(Detroit Tigers via MLB Productions)

The home uniforms will have the same "D" as the caps the team has worn since 1968. And as the video says, all this goes back to the road uniforms in 1904 and caps in 1905, though the "Olde English D" actually is even older than that, dating back to the late 1890's.

Due to varying manufacturer interpretations of the Olde English 'D', inconsistent production capabilities and early technology limitations, Detroit Tigers uniform logos have changed more than 50 times since the club was founded in 1901 - including 22 updates to the home jersey. The "cap 'D'" mark will now be worn on home jerseys and be the sole Olde English 'D' logo used on official Detroit Tigers merchandise. Additionally, the club announced the enlargement of the logo on both home and away caps, sized comparably with other Major League team headwear.- Detroit Tigers press release

Sports logo designer and historian Todd Radom serves up some more history on the Tigers' "Olde English D".

The team says Tigers players will be wearing the 2018 home jersey during the weekend's Detroit Tigers Winter Caravan and TigerFest.




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