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We just found out that the Detroit Veteran Affairs Medical Center purchased over $300,000 worth of TV’s and then stored them, where they remain for the last 2 and ½ years.  In fact they have been in storage so long since they were purchased their warranties have expired.

“While the TVs are required to complete the project, they were not needed at the time they were purchased because construction to replace the current patient TV system had not been scheduled. In fact, as of June 21, 2016, the facility had not yet awarded the contract to begin construction. Despite not needing the TVs in September 2013, the Chief of Volunteer and Community Relations reported the facility purchased them because they had funds available.”

They bought the TV’s, which are not being used and have never been installed, “because they had funds available”.  Would you call this government being good stewards of our taxpayer dollars?  I would not.

The IG’s believes the agency broke the “bona-fide needs rule”.  The bona-fide needs rule states that purchases should only be for items needed the same year.  Will anyone be held accountable for this wasteful spending, once again do not hold your breath.

We are constantly hearing from senior VA officials and politicians that the VA does not have enough funding to care properly for patients, and have in fact threatened to close down hospitals unless Congress gives the VA more taxpayer dollars.  Now we know in part why the VA may not have enough funding, they spend money on things they do not need simply “because they had funds available”.

This is what our government has become and it is time someone stands up to these agencies, bureaucrats and politicians and say’s enough is enough.  Do you think Hillary Clinton can and would be the leader to do so?

The Deputy assistant secretary for acquisition and logistics, Jan Frye, who is the top contracting official at the VA, is quoted in the article stating that “a culture of lawlessness and chaos” reigns on high-dollar contracts, with officials wantonly misusing credit cards and managers ignoring procurement rule violations.”

When is enough, enough ladies and gentlemen?

When are we no longer going to accept this type of “lawlessness and chaos” from our government?

The time is now, please join me and millions of others to stand up and say we have had enough, we will not accept these kind of actions and wasteful spending any longer.

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