Yes. This is exactly the way a horror movie begins. Sadly, we'll never know the plot of this potentially awesome real life occurrence. For some time now, Police officials in Trenton and Grosse Ile as well as coordinators of the Downriver Dive Team, have known of a vehicle that was submerged in the Detroit River in the Downriver area. From what they're suggesting, it could have been submerged for up to 4 years. What they don't know however is how it got there. Then to their amazement, when they finally pulled the vehicle out of the water, they discovered it was a hearse.

The Downriver Dive team was putting focus into the car yesterday according to the News-Harold, and had to swim nearly 20 feet to recover it from the river. Luckily once they discovered it was a hearse, the police did a background check to see if there were any reported missing hearses or if it could be connected to any crime, but that came back negative.

Now the police are working on contacting the prior owner of the hearse to find out how it made it into the Detroit River, if they can be located. Here's my theory based on nothing but my imagination:

The hearse was haunted since it was first purchased, and one night it started up all by itself in the junk yard. It busted through the gates and haunted the streets of Detroit, looking for lost souls to deliver to the other side. But in a heavy fog, it drove into the Detroit River, where it waited to be resurrected. Sadly, it took 4 years, and the hearse crumbled as it was removed from the river.

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