One of the largest school districts in the country is Fairfax County in Northern Virginia.  According to NPR the school district will now allow their students to skip school one day per year to protest. Protest what, well apparently anything they choose.  They believe this will allow their students to engage in what they call “civics”.  Really learning or getting involved with “civics” is now considered protesting.

NPR reports about one of the brilliant Fairfax School Board members Ryan McElveen who found during the last few years:

We saw students wanting to take time out of the school day to lead protests and do things of that nature

Really you brilliant man.  You just discovered over the last few years that students will do just about anything to get out of school for a day.  I have no idea how no one before Ryan ever discovered that.

Hannah Natanson From the Washington Post reported that “critics of the policy believe it will accomplish nothing but “coddling” students”.  Sounds about right to me.   She went on to report that:

Some feel so energized by the new policy, they’d prefer if it was increased to one excused absence per week

Politics these days is so toxic do we really want our young children to be exposed to it via protest.  With the foul language that is exhibited by many at these protest even those who are employed at colleges.  Also there have been numerous times where Democrats protesting have committed acts of violence against those that do not agree with them, for example those in the antifa groups.

It is interesting that a professor by the name of Meira Levinson from a very liberal college Harvard University said:

Skipping school to participate in large-scale protests is not common among students who favor conservative causes, Levinson said. Although there are exceptions — for example, the tea party rallies a decade or so ago — conservative student activists typically prefer less disruptive forms of protest, she said.

I call attention to the fact that Professor Levinson points out that people on the right prefer “less disruptive forms of protest” than people on the left.  That means that the professor believes those of the left do and possibly prefer “disruptive forms of protest”.

Our students are already not performing up to the standards of other countries students when it comes to reading, writing and arithmetic so why don’t we just stick to that instead of bringing all these other distractions in the classrooms.  Why don’t we just stick to straight civics in our schools so they understand how our government is supposed to work as opposed to the dysfunctional government we have today.

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