Around this time of year it's not unusual to spot a group of people standing on a street corner holding signs supporting their favorite political candidate. But, in Jackson MI, one family has taken to their street corner not for politics, but for justice.

In February, 14-year-old Cameron Kasprzycki was shot and killed in his home in Jackson. Seven months later, the family is still searching for answers. With no charges being made, Cameron's loved ones took to the corner of Cooper Street and E Michigan Avenue yesterday equipped with homemade signs to simply remind everyone - they're not giving up.

In an interview with WLNS News 6, Cameron's sister Makenzie said they've been coming to this same corner for two months already. Adding,

We will not give up no matter what. We will be out here everyday if it takes that because we are going to get justice for my brother. Being out here and being strong and screaming out to the community for justice for my brother is what he would do if it was the other way around.

Unfortunately, progress in the case has been slow. With little evidence to go on, the family, along with residents of Jackson, are left to wonder - who killed Cameron?

Until that question is answered, if you happen to pass the family on the corner of Cooper Street and E Michigan Ave give a honk, a wave, anything to show your support. Share their story. Who knows? One sparked memory could be the key the police need bring Cameron's killer to justice.

If anyone has any information please contact the Jackson Police Department.

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