Beginning bikers, kids, experienced bikers and spectators all had a great time at Battle Creek's Fat Fest Relays bike race.

A cold, snowy Winter day in February provided the perfect setting for a day of fun at Binder Park Golf Course in Battle Creek with Trek Bicycle Store and Cereal City Athletics' "Fat Fest Relays."

Teams of 2-3 riders (or solos) competed to see how many laps could be completed on the 1.5 mile course in an hour. Factor in temperatures in the 20 degree range, snowfall, thick grass, steep hills, stumps and slippery leaves littering the course and it is not as easy as it seems.

Spectators were able to keep warm and enjoy hot chili and great live music in the tent while teams worked up an appetite on the course. Our team was named Fat (and) Tired and we feel we lived up to the name, coming in 7th on the scoreboard of 21 entries (we were the fastest team of the 5 on the roster).

Video was limited to the start/finish area as I was waiting for my teammate to return so I could do my laps but hoping to have a GoPro by this time next year so you can see more of the action on this great course. Better yet, get out there in the woods and enjoy yourself no matter what the season!

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