Indiana:  What the FBI found during the largest seizure from a private collector ever is horrifying.

This all started when the FBI raided Don Miller's home in Rush County, Indiana in 2014.  The FBI has kept most of this under wraps until now according to CBS News,

"When I first went into his house and saw the size of the collection, it was unlike anything we'd ever seen," Tim Carpenter, who heads the FBI's art crime unit, told CBS News correspondent Anna Werner. "Not only me, but I don't think anybody on the art crime team."

FBI photos – never before shown publicly – give a glimpse of the collection: some 42,000 items, including pre-Colombian pottery, an Italian mosaic, and items from China, some that Miller labeled "Chinese Jewelry" from 500 BC.

It's not just Mr. Miller obtained most of these artifacts illegally that disturbed the FBI and now everyone else.  It's the grave robbing.  Yeah, you read that correctly.

2,000 bones that belong to about 500 Native Americans that were dug up from ancient burial sites.  You can watch the full story from the CBS News youtube below.



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