Have you ever tried a paper straw?  I have not had the opportunity to try one yet and I have heard that they do not work out so well. Continuing on the green idea Coca-Cola has decided to test out the use of paper bottles.

The Daily Wire is reporting that Coca-Cola is planning on testing out their product using 2,000 paper bottles this summer.  They are interested in not only determining if they work in the real world but also how their customers will react to them.

The Daily Wire is reporting that the prototype they will be using was made “by a Danish company from an extra-long paper shell that still contains a thin plastic liner”.

According to the BBC Coca-Cola’s commercial manager Michael Michelsen, the bottles have never been tested in the real world and:

“We have a good understanding already of what the bottle will go through as we put it into the real world...But there is a certain point where you just can’t design yourself out of this at a desk, right? You need to get into that real world and you need to get that real world feedback.”

Why is Coca-Cola testing these paper bottles?  They have reportedly set a goal of “producing zero waste by 2030”.

Good luck Coca-Cola.

Let’s hope it does not end up like new Coke.

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