With all the negativity in the news these days, there are still good things to report on.  Believe it or not, this positive news report comes from the state that Democratic Mayors, and a Democratic Governor, let be destroyed in inner-city areas. You can bet eventually that violence will come to the suburbs and countryside.

Even better this story is about people in the liberal state of Washington saving a police officer’s life instead of sitting by and watching it and in some cases encouraging it to happen.

The Daily Caller is reporting that 5 teenage boys saved a female County deputy who came upon a mutt-vehicle crash site.  According to the King County Sheriff’s Office Facebook site, this is what happened:

“A woman whose car was hit told Deputy Elliott the man that had just caused the collision was drunk and trying to walk away from the scene. 

Deputy Elliott called out to the male to stop, but he kept trying to stumble away from her. Deputy Elliott had to jog up to the male and was able to grab on to him to advise him he was not free to leave and was being detained. The male immediately turned around in a fighting stance with his arms up in the air. A struggle began and at one point Deputy Elliott was able to get the suspect onto the ground and call for help on her radio.

Then according to the Facebook post:

“Suddenly, the suspect wrapped his arms around Deputy Elliott's neck, put her in a headlock and began squeezing. She struggled to get out of the hold but thankfully did not lose consciousness. About this time, Deputy Elliott heard several men's voices yelling "get off of her." A group of young men...jumped on the suspect and struggled with him as Deputy Elliott was able to get free. They held the suspects shoulders and legs to the ground to allow Deputy Elliott to handcuff the man.”

Thank God those real American teenage boys were there.  The Sheriff’s office said:

“We cannot thank these five young men enough for coming to Deputy Elliott’s rescue...They quite possibly saved her life.”

I wonder if some Democratic prosecutor will bring charges up against the 5 teenage boys for putting their hands on the man attempting to kill the police officer?


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