Foggy Beach Peggy Ann Drake


I saw these beautiful pics of Lake Michigan from Tunnel Park in Holland that were shared on Twitter this week by Peggy Drake, who posted:

I didn’t plan on being lured away by the fog, not finishing my job hunting until evening. But walking on the dunes surrounded by mist & that rainbow was the most incredible thing I’ve done in a while! Take time for yourself & enjoy life! All we have is this moment

Indeed. I asked her if I could post her pics here and if she often goes to the beach in the morning. She granted permission and said:

No, I don’t normally go to the beach. I’ve been a few times. I’ve only lived here 2 years having moved here from the Detroit area. When I woke up Tuesday morning (9/11/18), the fog was everywhere outside my apartment & I decided to go see what the lake looked like with the fog.

As I was driving over, the sun was coming out & burned off a lot of the fog. So I was grateful to see that the lake was still shrouded. The ‘fog rainbow’, which I assume is light refraction, was a big surprise! It was so close you could almost touch it—a bright, white arch. The fog itself was magical and mysterious. You could only imagine what was around the corner. And there was condensation on me, my equipment, on the sea grass, everywhere!

Elderly locals who live lakeside said they've NEVER seen this before!!!

Thank you, Peggy, for sharing a stunning slice of "Pure Michigan".

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