I know that former Detroit Tiger pitcher Justin Verlander makes a lot of money, in fact he makes approximately $28,000,000 a year, but a $1,000,000 lunch bill seems a bit extravagant.

On his bill he had an open item totaling $1,000,000 titled Dodger Killer. The "Dodger Killer” is in reference to his current team the Houston Astros defeating the Dodgers in the World Series last October. Justin is quoted in a

The manager came over and we ended up laughing about it…They actually ended up comping the meal. Everyone was talking about how expensive the pancakes were and the salad. It was comped. It worked out well for both sides.

It appears that it was all a joke and I would say a pretty good one at that. Now everyone was focused on the $1,000,000 charge but I focused in on what the cost of the actual items his party did purchase.  The Beverly Hills hotel restaurant actually charged:

  • $9 for a latte
  • $20 for a “Green Envy” whatever that is
  • $42 for a “McCarthy Salad”, $42 for a salad that better be one huge and great salad
  • $28 for two eggs and a meat, well at least they give you a meat.
  • #30 for pancakes

Could you even imagine paying that kind of money for a salad, eggs with a meat of course and pancakes?

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