These are heady times at Western Michigan University. With virtually every release of a national football poll, the Broncos are reaching unprecedented heights.

Western is ranked #14 in the AP Poll this week, and inexplicably dropped 3 slots in the USA Today poll to #21.

But take a step back here for a second. Look at what we're discussing. The Western Michigan Broncos; in regards to football poll rankings. Three years ago, in your wildest dreams, did anyone think this was remotely possible? Well, anyone other than Phillip John Fleck.

But if you're a Bronco fan feeling down because the boat-rowers slipped in one poll, take solace in this: Fox says the Broncos at #14 are underrated.

"Just give them a Top-10 rating. They deserve it. Best Group of Five team in the nation and you know they'd hand it to a few teams above them."

- Dieter Kurtenbach, Fox

The Broncos have a chance to improve their rankings again Tuesday night when they take on Kent State look for win No. 10.

Again, in your wildest dreams, did you ever think these words would be said about WMU?

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