Keeping things quick, easy, and simple seems to be a way of life lately. Nobody has time for much anymore, especially fumbling around for your keys. One metro Detroit man took it upon himself to simplify that part of his life by implanting his car key into his hand.

Brandon Dalaly has always been a bit of a tech enthusiast, but this may be taking things to a whole other cutting-edge level. According to reports, Dalaly had a chip implanted in his hand that has the power to unlock his Tesla.

Thanks to the implant, Dalaly can channel his futuristic self and not only unlock his car with the wave of his hand, but also start his Tesla while inside the vehicle. Dalaly, a self-proclaimed Tesla mega fan, says the whole process of having the implant makes perfect sense when you think about it.

“You can’t lose your hand, so you’ll always have a way of getting in your car,” Dalaly told Click on Detroit. 

This wasn't the first time Dalaly went "body tech" either. On the other hand, he already has a chip implanted that can unlock the front door to his house and stores his contact and medical information, like his COVID-19 vaccinations.

No word on what Dalaly will be implanting next.


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