As working limitations are being lifted in certain fields today, the State of Michigan's Department of Labor is strongly suggesting best practices for those who are working in construction.

Public safety is still being suggested as the main consideration for anyone who is returning to work.

“We must take aggressive action to reduce COVID-19 exposure in order to prevent a second spike in cases. The only way we can safely reopen businesses, including our job providers in the construction industry, is to be smart about protecting our workforce. We’re ensuring employers understand how to protect their employees and customers, and we continue to save lives.” - Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Governor Gretchen Whitmer's order taking effect today allows for some low risk jobs to being again. Michigan's Deprartment of Labor and Economic Opportunity got together with construction industry leader to put together those best practices.

The first best practice is naming one central point person to be the contact and coordinator on site, to enforce safety.

The second priority is to have a daily health screening.

To that end, the third best practice to to mark workers something like stickers everyday, to identify they have been screened before beginning work.

After that, the state wants "choke points" identified. These are areas like hallway, elevators, break areas, anywhere people might come together and have trouble keeping at least six feet apart.

Maybe the most important item on the lists is having adequate facilities for handwashing and hand sanitizing on the work site.

You can view a complete list from the state's Labor Department here.

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