Golf is already a hard enough sport without a robot making us feel worse about ourselves.

LDRIC the Robot got a hole-in-one on the 163-yard 16th hole of the Waste Management Open in Phoenix during the tournament's pro-am on Wednesday.

According to Golf Digest, LDRIC:

is the name of the machine created by Gene Parente. Owner of Golf Laboratories Inc., Gene's robot is the go-to device for equipment and ball-testing in the golf industry. Not only is its swing sound and fluid, but it can replicate hooks, slices and other flaws inherent to the average golfer.

To be fair, the ace took place on the robot's fifth attempt, but still, when you consider most golfers go an entire lifetime without ever accomplishing the feat, this was impressive.

Is this the moment when sports as we know it starts to change and the cyborgs rise up to dominate? Think about the possibilities -- robot pitchers firing 400 mile-an-hour fastballs, throwing precise 95-yard bombs into the other end zone and dunking from the opposing free throw line. Could it happen? Only time will tell.

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