The other day on the campus of Western Michigan University during a “Let’s End Campus Sexual Assault” seminar Governor Snyder spoke about the Judge Kavanaugh fiasco.

According to reporting by Mlive Governor Snyder stated the following:

I do have some degree of concern about people viewing the current situation on the Supreme Court nominee…I hope it doesn't discourage or scare people off. We want people to speak up…I hope it doesn't create a fear in people's minds that want to come forward

I simply would ask Governor Snyder if he was and is concerned about what many people feel was his administration failure in foreseeing, avoiding and response to the Flint water issue would create a fear in people’s mind about the effectiveness of government to their citizen’s needs?

Is Governor Snyder concerned that his administration’s response to the Flint water issue undermined peoples belief in government’s ability to truly handle the needs of the people?

I personally believe that good government can handle the needs of their citizens if they have the correct, intelligent and open minded people in the right positions of government.

Yes we want people to speak up but do we not also need people to not only be honest. When a person makes an accusation that could destroy a person’s life do we not also need corroboration that the incident actually took place or do we just believe all accusers?

We need to bring this conversation back to reality and realize that we are talking about people’s lives and their families’ lives.

Was it not President Reagan who stated “trust but verify”?

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