Have you given up on this new Menards that has seemed to be under construction for the past year? News has emerged that it will indeed open in 2015, and the new goal for its opening has been set for the end of summer. This is likely to try and catch the Labor Day traffic that long holiday weekends create.

While no official reason has been given for the delay, Mlive quotes Jeff Abott, a Menards representative commenting on the new store's progress, "We have completed most of the exterior work for our new Kalamazoo East Menards store located at 5300 Gull Road and have now focused our efforts on the interior fixtures. Everything seems to be on schedule and if all goes as planned, we hope to open this new store by the end of summer, 2015."


So plan those projects and save some gas if you are on this side of town, because this store will still open. We are excited about other possible businesses that could be drawn to the Gull Road area with new installations like this. Jimmy John's is already set to move into a plaza next to the Dollar Store, what could be next? What would you like to see on Gull Road?

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