Welcome to Southwest Michigan.  Now, GET OUT.

When I first saw the billboard while heading West on I-94 between the Sprinkle Rd. and Portage Rd. exits I had to do a double take.  Let's be honest, that's probably the goal of this new Southwest Michigan tourism slogan.

It's obvious the billboard is promoting getting out to enjoy the many trails, parks and beaches that Southwest Michigan has to offer.  Is it a little odd that the billboard is up at the beginning of Winter?  Yeah, maybe a little.

But if you're like me, a little cynical and snarky, the billboard made you think something like "nothing to see here, keep it moving," or "welcome to Southwest Michigan, now GET OUT."  Worse yet, maybe it made you think of the Jordan Peele movie "Get Out."

You may remember about 10 years ago Kalamazoo had a slightly cringe worthy slogan that leaned a little cocky, "You'll be back.  We Promise."

With all of that being said, St Joseph, MI is beautiful.  We wish them the best with their new tourism campaign.


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