Is it racist to use a picture of a black baby on a Pro Life Billboard that appears in black neighborhoods?

Well, pro-abortion people in Atlanta thinks so.

According to a report by WXIA, a group called Pro Life Across America has put up a billboards in Atlanta neighborhoods with the picture of a beautiful black girl with the statement “Dad’s Princess” and activist in those neighborhoods believe it is racist.

Really, if they put a picture of a white baby on the billboard they would have called that racist for not employing a black baby instead of a white baby.

You can never win against hatred.

In the article, Nikema Williams of Planned Parenthood was quoted as saying "All they do is attempt to shame women and condemn the choices that they make.”

Really, for showing a picture of a baby girl and making the statement “Dad’s Princess.”  That is condemning their choices.

Then a democrat State Sen. Vincent Fort was quoted in an article stating "We want them to use the money, maybe to feed children. Use that money to make sure that children get healthcare.”

With the cost of the food stamp program skyrocketing, why are these children not being fed?  Where is our tax dollars going in that program? It appears not to food.

Then it got funny when Democrat State Sen. Vincent Fort was quoted in an article stating "Just coming in and telling a community what they want or need, which is what the people who put these billboards up are doing, is not the way to go. We should bring the community together and talk about issues.”

Really, a Democrat politician complaining about people being told what they need and want.  Now that is just deliciously hypocritical.   These neighborhoods consistently vote overwhelming for democrat candidates whose entire existence is to tell people what they need and what they really want and what they must do.

You’re a funny one GA Democrat, State Sen. Vincent Fort.

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

The Democrats tell us:

  • What to eat and not eat
  • What the gas mileage on our cars should be
  • How much water we should use to flush our toilets
  • What lightbulbs we must buy
  • What we must buy, i.e. healthcare
  • What we must have in our healthcare insurance plans, i.e. men must pay for maternity coverage including lactation
  • Where we can smoke and not smoke
  • The list goes on

Stop always pulling the racist card, you are only hurting the people who are truly harmed by racism or bigotry because no one will believe them.

What are your thoughts about this?

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