You’ve told us, these WKMI sports fly-a-ways are fun and you’d like another one, so Talk Radio 1360 WKMI and Lassen Automotive have teamed for a Hoop-It Up NBA Flyaway.

Basketball in Hoop
ThinkStock; Ryan McVay

And you pick the trip. You could fly out to the Bay Area and check out Steph Curry and the champion Warriors. Or follow LeBron to Florida in March. Or maybe, see Kobe Bryant, in action, one last time. You pick the trip.

This is a trip for two, with round trip airfare, tickets to the game and $300 spending money.

The NBA fly-a-way…from Lassen Automotive, on Columbia Avenue, in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo’s Talk Radio 1360 WKMI.

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