A mid-Michigan resort community has the cheapest gas in the nation. Houghton Lake is experiencing a gas war that has driven prices down below 50 cents-a-gallon.

Update 2

By 9PM the price has slipped to 47 cents at Beacon & Bridge.

Update 1

As of 8PM the gas station that appears to be leading the how-low-will-it-go charge, Beacon & Bridge, has priced fuel at an astonishing 53 cents.

Original Story

GasBuddy.com has been tracking the slide which started earlier today (January 16, 2016) and has skyrocketed down through the afternoon. The gas war appears to have invoved four gas stations in Houghton Lake all centered around the intersection of M-55 and US 127. The cheap prices brought out, not surprisingly, hundreds of drivers and that prompted the Michigan State Police and Roscommon County Sheriff's Deputies to be deployed to direct traffic as shown in this video uploaded to Facebook.


This is crazy. Police are directing traffic for .84 a gallon in Houghton Lake

Posted by Eddie Korbinski on Sunday, January 17, 2016

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