It was an interesting fact I found out over the weekend, according to Michigan’s state election bureau, of the 4,874,619 voters cast in the November 8th election 18,339 people voted without a photo ID.  That is one out of 266 Michigan voter, which was higher than I thought it would be.

Now it is legal to vote in Michigan without a photo ID but you must first sign an affidavit of identity stating that you pinkie swear that you are who you say you are.  You must also already be on the voter roll in order to sign the affidavit and vote.

Approximately 33% of those who did not have a photo ID and instead chose to sign an affidavit were from the city of Detroit.  Interesting is it not?

If you sign the affidavit your vote is counted.  There is a bill in the Michigan House, HB 6066, would instead require voters without identification to fill out a provisional ballot, which would only be counted if the voter returned to their clerk's office within 10 days to show a photo ID or present evidence they are indigent or have a religious objection to having their photo taken.  I like HB 6066 which would ensure that our voting process is not compromised.

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