“Assemble necessary staff to work sufficient hours" is the ruling from U.S. Federal District Judge Mark Goldsmith, early this morning, according to a Detroit Free Press article.  So the Michigan recount with its minimum estimated cost to us the taxpayer of 4 million dollars starts today.

Judge Goldsmith ruled that a Michigan law requiring a two business day waiting period to start the recount violates peoples voting rights, by the way Judge Goldsmith was appointed by President Obama.

His concern was the law which states Michigan votes would need to be in completed by December 13th so our electoral votes would be counted come December 19th when the Electoral College meets.

According to the Detroit Free Press article “there was no immediate word on an appeal to the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals”.

In Judge Goldsmith’s ruling he stated:

"The fundamental right invoked by plaintiffs -- the right to vote, and to have that vote conducted fairly and counted accurately -- is the bedrock of our nation”.  I do not disagree but as I stated last week my concern is the cost to the Michigan taxpayer must incur for a candidate who requested this recount and has no chance of winning.

So Michigan taxpayers we must once again open our wallets for a wanna be politicians whim.

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