Michigan is the nation's largest producer of cherries and, after seeing this video you'll know why. 

UpNorthLive shared this video on their Facebook page of a cherry picker in action. It was shot at Interwater Farms, just North of Traverse City, the Cherry Capital of the World and shows how the big farmers get ripened cherries off the trees; they shake them.

Watch as a steam-punk looking apparatus, a contraption that looks like it came straight from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang extends its arms around the trunk of the cherry tree and opens up a canopy. Shorter arms, at the base of the trunk, then shake the tree violently causing the ripe cherries to fall. The tarp catches the fruit before it hits the ground. Rinse. Repeat.

♪♫ I really love your peaches cherries want to shake your tree...♫♪

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