Most of us never give our key fob a second thought.  It unlocks the doors as we head back out from the grocery store. Or we can sound the horn if we lost it in the parking lot. Those are the two most used functions for most key fobs. But depending on your vehicle and the year it was built, chances are there are lots of options you never knew about and might want to try.

Consumer Reports wrote up a great piece about key fobs and all they can do. By the way, do you know why it’s a “FOB”? The Atlantic featured a story on that more than 10 years ago and the ideas still hold up today. Seems there’s a lot of history behind “FOB”.

Back to the functions. Here’s just some of what you might be missing. Keep in mind these are not universal and I take no responsibility for something unusual happening if what is covered here does not work as suggested. Always. Always check your vehicle manual or consult with your dealer to know for sure.

Raise or lower all the windows at the same time -  And even the sunroof too. The button sequence can vary. On most Fobs that offer that, it usually involves pressing the unlock button and then pressing it a second time within 10 seconds total. 

Remote Start - The button with a circular arrow does the trick. But sometimes, the lock button needs activation first. On some vehicles, the button needs to be pushed twice to fire it up.

Mirror Folding – Your vehicle may do that as part of the process to lock the doors. On some newer Chevy and GMC pickups, you can hold the lock button for about one second to fold them in closer to the body.

Hidden Key – Yeah. Really. On nearly all keyless or push-button start vehicles, there is a mechanical key inside the FOB. And then where do you use it when all else fails? Usually, there is a cap of some sort near the door handle that needs to be popped off to reveal the key slot in the door. Soon, many key FOB functions will be included in phone apps which will also feature a lot more gizmo’s you can access. Some vehicle manufacturers are already working on multi-function phone apps to do amazing things with your ride.

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