This is one of those "did you know we have a thriving (fill in the blank) community. In this case it's the glass art community. Glass art is something not only created in Kalamazoo, but also something collected and displayed.

As you might guess, much of the creating of glass art in Kalamazoo happens at the Park Trades Center on Kalamazoo Ave. Glass Art Kalamazoo is the nonprofit organization was founded by local glass artist to promote it's " enrich the community by providing exceptional experiences in glass art."

Their Blue Heat Glass Art Gala and Auction celebrates glass art with an evening of food, drink, and music on Saturday, February 22nd at the Park Trades Center, from 7-10-pm. All the details are on the Glass Art website.

If you love to decorate and are really into glass art, this is a perfect way to either pick up a piece in the auction or simply to connect with some local artisans.

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