Summertime is a great time for the kids, right? They get to play outside, perhaps go on a family vacation, visit the lake, or even just stay inside playing video games all day.

One thing that might be missing either due to lack of interest or lack of access: reading books. However, the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation has a creative solution. It's The Big Read Machine.

The Big Read Machine is an old school bus that has since been converted into a traveling library to, hopefully, keep the kids excited about reading throughout the summer.

How Does it Work?

Just like a stationary library, your child picks out the book/books they would like to read, checks those books out, and then returns them at a later stop. And, if you're a first-time visitor, they also provide a free cinch bag for the books. They will, however, need their school ID.

It's cozy, isn't it?

When it started, The Big Read Machine would typically be on the road a couple of days a week. But, this year they seem to have added additional stops:

Why Is This Important?

Similar to building muscles when working out, reading tends to help build the brain. Research shows that children who don't read over the summer tend to fall behind once the school year starts.

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Richard Allington, a professor at the University of Tennessee who took part in this research, said,

What we know is that children who do not read in the summer lose two to three months of reading development while kids who do read tend to gain a month of reading proficiency.

Hence why a mobile library is not just a creative idea but necessary for a child's development.

According to the above schedule, The Big Read Machine will be running through August 12th. Should you have any questions about the bus, the process of checking out books, or want to donate, you can contact the Vicksburg Community Schools Foundation on their website or Facebook page.

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