It took me until college to make any major contribution to an aid effort, or charitable cause. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so. I was just late to the show.

But now, I wonder if I couldn't have done more, sooner in my life, after seeing what this 7-year-old in Indiana did to help send aid to Florida after Hurricane Ian.

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Jaclyn D'Andrea was listening to coverage of hurricane damage in Florida one morning, while taking her son, Dominic, to school. During the drive, Dominic noticed she was upset, and asked why, followed up with "What's a hurricane?"

When they returned home from school, Dominic did what any good-hearted, and decent person would, and offered to help.

"My 7-year-old Dominic learned what is happening in FL and ran outside with his piggy bank. He said mommy people will need this more than me. I want to help them... My heart is so happy to call this young man my son!"

Clearly, Jaclyn is doing a bang-up job raising a good kid, and she's pretty awesome too, because she followed Dominic's lead, and put together a fundraiser, to bring supplies to Florida as well.

And what started as "fill a U-Haul," quickly turned into "multiple trucks," as Dominic's viral act of kindness made the rounds.

Penske Trucks actually donated two trucks for them to load up supplies with, and take to Florida from Indiana. They VERY quickly filled a warehouse room with supplies, and not only filled the two 26-foot box trucks, but also teamed with Partners in Hope from Illinois, who supplied them with two additional full semis to load supplies in as well.

Through all this, though, Dominic's initial act of kindness wasn't forgotten. He had been saving the money in his piggy bank to buy a scooter he wanted, but obviously, that all went out the window when he donated the money.

It didn't go unnoticed, and a Massachusetts Motorcycle Club actually bought the scooter Dominic had been saving for, and gave it to him before they left for Florida.

The convoy is now headed to Florida with all the donations they acquired, and Jaclyn is updating their journey by the day.

Since Dominic's Piggy Bank donation last week, the campaign has gone viral across all of the upper midwest, and nation-wide, and has raised tens of thousands of dollars, and filled at least four full trucks with supplies for those in need in Ft. Myers Florida, and the surrounding area.

Money donations are still being accepted through Jaclyn's Venmo account: Jaclyn-DAndrea-17, or if you would like to help in other ways for relief for the victims of Hurricane Ian, you can donate to the Salvation Army, or the Red Cross.

And don't think a small donation wouldn't be worth the effort, because even Dominic has proven what a small amount can do for so many people.

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