I will be interviewing Attorney General of Michigan Bill Schuette today at 9:00 am.

AG Schuette announced he was running for Governor last September.

Yesterday Bill Schuette's campaign put out a statement the he has received the support of Vice President Mike Pence in his campaign for governor.  In that statement he stated:

“I am grateful for the support of Vice President Mike Pence. He was an outstanding leader as governor of Indiana and is now an outstanding leader for our nation. As a former Midwest governor, (Pence) understands the type of leadership that is needed.

Marc Lotter, spokesman for Pence's Great America Committee, told The Detroit News, that he believe AG Schuette can help to continue:

“reviving the Michigan economy”

The Great America Committee was  formed the earlier this year by Vice President Mike Pence with the purpose of providing support to key Republican candidates who have been supportive of the president's agenda on improving the economy.

Let's find out today if he wins the Governorship what are his plans for Michigan.

So please join us today at 9:00 am.

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