A Michigan group wants marijuana to be legal, not for medicinal purposes but for anything you want. Recreational marijuana advocates say they are setting their sights on the 2016 election year and plan on getting the question in front of Michigan voters.

There are two groups pushing to making pot legal. The Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Law Reform Initiative Committee is one of them. Members of the group’s board announced this week they plan to let Michigan voters decide whether or not dope should be legal.

The group also says it is focused on what it says is potentially millions of dollars in taxes that could be used on roads or schools or munchies I suppose. The proposed language would allow citizens to grow up to 12 marijuana plants each. That’s a lot of Doritos!

Jeffrey Hank the groups chair and a Lansing attorney put it this way in a published report, "We're trying to figure out the best way to boost jobs, save the state money, end the war on drugs where people are going to jail for marijuana use, raise revenue and put the money into things that people want." Bong down kids!

Well, a word to the wise before you light it up Sparky, the last time the government got hooked on smoking it turned out pretty ugly. Each year nearly 500,000 Americans die from smoking cigarettes and it’s resulting diseases. The government seems to turn a two sided blind eye; while taking billions in taxes with it’s greedy hand, it also issues rules and regulations and sues tobacco companies from it’s condescending, 'it knows better than you' hand. It forces the big tobacco companies to also put aside billions of other dollars for those that are sick and dying but smirks and continues to line it’s pocket’s with all those tax dollars. Round and round it goes. The government forces tobacco companies to put warnings on packs of cigarettes but has no intention of stopping the Gravy Train, no matter how many people it drops off at the cemetery. Talk about a sick relationship.

So again before you light it up Sparky just be careful because you might just get what you wish for.

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