It's not that I shop there all the time, but I like going to Bed Bath and Beyond once or twice a year, and picking up an item or two I need. So seeing ominous headlines scares me. I was just at Bed Bath and Beyond a couple of weeks ago, and while they didn't have what I was looking for, still, you can find ten other things that you might be able to use.

USA Today reported the updated list of Bed Bath and Beyond store closings today. I scrolled down the list by states, and while other states are losing, in some cases, up to six stores, Michigan has only one that closing for now, and it's in Allen Park, in suburban Detroit.

So the Portage and Battle Creek locations are safe, for now, but still not out of danger, as this list is for the first 63 stores closing out of an announced 200. (although they also own World Market, but that's a different type of store) in the area. And maybe that's a possible option in the future, combing the two co-owned chains that seem to cater to a similar clientele.

Like most local retailers, Bed Bath and Beyond has been hit hard by the pandemic. The company was struggling even before, but, in a bright spot, the company was forced to accelerate their "buy online-pick up in store" system, and those sales are up. But as it is, the USA Today story says upwards of 25,000 could be permanently closing in 2020, due partly to the pandemic, and to online competition.

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