One thing that can pull people together, especially Michiganders, is food. People show up at places that have food plus who doesn't like to eat, right? In Michigan there are tons of hidden gems all over the state when it comes to food, it's mom and pop land. Nonetheless, the larger cities like Grand Rapids, Detroit, and Lansing get a ton of chain restaurants to move in. There's another place looking to slide into a spot among the rest in the Mitten state.

Detroit is home to some of the best food we have to offer in Michigan, from the famous Coney Islands and Detroit-style pizza to huge corporations like Ruth Chris, Texas Roadhouse, and others. Although there is no shortage of food options in Motown there are always restaurants vying for storefront space. One restaurant got its wish and will be joining the ranks in Downtown Detroit at the end of this month.

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The Sugar Factory announced earlier this week that they would officially be opening its doors for business on August 29th. They will be located at 45 Monroe street in Downtown Detroit. Sugar Factory is looking to bring all of its tradition and popularity to the streets of Motown., Over the past few years, Sugar Factory locations have continued to pop up all over the country, followed by tons of discord and opinions.

Sugar Factory is known for its outlandish menu that encompasses something for those with large and small appetites but also a variety of flavor palettes. They have a menu that serves items for brunch, lunch, and dinner, making the Sugar Factory a Green light at almost any time of the day. They have coffees, milkshakes, burgers, pasta, spiked mimosas and so much more to offer.

Menu Munchies

Their menu is loaded and will be able to satisfy any taste you have. Their menu is loaded with breakfast options from omelets, pancakes, french toast, hash, crepes, and even chicken and waffles. Yes, you can order the waffles separately, but they have a wide selection of meats, grains, and fruits to pair on the side with these dishes. Don't think I forgot about their breakfast sandwiches either, I can only imagine those are fire.

Their lunch and dinner menu does more than just get the job done, they are stacked with all kinds of enticing entrees. They have multiple different kinds of pasta that are mostly different kinds of spaghetti & alfredo, a section of burgers & monster burgers to choose from including their rainbow sliders, and many other grill options like sandwiches, lobster tails, and steaks.

Dynamic Drinks

Their drink menu might be the most intriguing part of their restaurant, I mean they have basically EVERYTHING! They have drinks to start your morning, basic soft drinks to enjoy, milkshakes for the smiles, and even adult drinks that make everyone happy. I didn't know that one place could make so many different kinds of drinks, but I'm like compelled to try them all lol. They have coffees that range from lattes, mochas, espressos, and iced coffees but the morning drinks don't stop there. They also have hot chocolates, refreshers, and smoothies that could be the drink to begin the day. It goes without saying that every sit-down restaurant has a fountain machine and can bring soft drinks on demand, so let's move on to the fun stuff!

The bar seems to be the place to be when visiting the Sugar Factory. On top of having what is a normal full bar with beer and cocktails, the Sugar Factory has taken it one step further and created their own signature spiked mimosas. They are your traditional mimosa with added flavors like Henny Passion Punch, Strawberry Rum Runner, and Raspberry Lemon Drop. They added flavors do use more alcohol, mostly vodka and rum, nonetheless, a spike in the party.

Are the drinks going to be enough to keep Sugar Factory afloat as they compete with all the other restaurants in Downtown Detroit? I'm excited to make the drive out and try this place out for myself, but only time will tell!

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