If a friend of yours told you they went fishing in Florida and caught a 350 pound grouper fish would you think they were pulling your lure?

Most probably would think he or she was telling you a fish tale.  Well according to a post shared by the Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission this is not fish tale.  According to the commission the:

grouper was caught by hook-and-line on December 29th 2019, off Southwest Florida in ~600 ft of water. Biologists from FWRI’s Age & Growth Lab estimated the age of this fish at 50 years old

50 years old?  From what I can tell from my research that is about the upper limit of the age range for these fish.

Here is the proof:

Courtesy of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

That must have been quite a bit of work reeling in that one.

What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?  Mine was a 300 plus pound Bluefin tuna off the coast of North Carolina.