It's like messing with Mother Nature. Think again. The DooDah Parade is a week later this year, on Saturday, June 8th. Parade entries are, shall we say, a little slow. And that has caused gnashing of teeth and consternation. Mother Nature isn't smiling.

So how do with put a big grin on Mother Nature? We all sign up and be in the 2019 DooDah Parade. You don't want to disappoint your mother, do you? Neither do we?

The theme of the parade is Energy! Power! Energizing Kalamazoo...DooDah is great way to put your business or organization in front of 50,001 or so eyeballs. Get together with your co-workers and tape lightning bolts to shirts. That'll show everyone you have energy to spare...get it? Energy to spare. And look what wearing lightning bolts did for Tampa's hockey team this year.

But you're not limited to just the energy theme. The 80's are big again, like the hair was. Do something with that. Get a group together, dress them in 80's garb, and dance down the street to the song "1985".

What we're saying is DooDah is fun and you will have more fun being in it, that not being in it.

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