While there's been plenty of precipitation in recent days for the Mitten State, the white and fluffy kind is likely the furthest from most Michigan residents' minds as we wind down the last few days of July.

However, according to forecasts, snow could hit Michigan very early this year.

According to the National Weather Service, October 12, 2006, is the earliest snowfall ever recorded in Lower Peninsula Michigan (September 12, 1923, in Iron River for Upper Peninsula), but that could change in 2023. The average date for the first snowfall is closer to mid-November for the Lower Peninsula and mid-October for the Upper Peninsula.

AccuWeather's 2023 Fall Forecast is predicting a major shift for the Midwest as the calendar moves from September into October.

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"I think we could start to see some flurries in the higher elevations as we get into very late September and October, but lower elevations may wait until later October or November," AccuWeather veteran meteorologist Paul Pastelok said.

While it may be just flurries, it's still a rather early affair, even if the first snowfall is after the calendar flips to October. Last year, the first snow in the state hit just west of Marquette on October 7. Still, it's nice to know we won't have to break out the shovels and boots too early.

Conversely, with 90-degree weather expected in Chicago to last into September, it's a significant shift that could lead to thunderstorms and other severe weather events.

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