They fought in the fields of Gettysburg, the trenches of France, upon the shores of Normandy, and the jungles of Vietnam. Once again, America will remember the sacrifice of its heroes who gave their all for the peace and safety of their country. 

Veterans Day began as Armistice Day and the first ceremony was held on November 11, 1918. The recognition of the ending of World War I was held at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month. Similar ceremonies took place in England and France. 

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Veterans In The Trenches of World War I

Trench warfare in World War 1.
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

World War II Brings A Name Change 

In 1921 the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, at Arlington Cemetery in Virginia became a focal point of reverence for America’s veterans. It was on November 11, 1921, that the body of an unknown World War I soldier was brought back from France and interred below the tomb.  

In 1954 President Eisenhower signed a bill that proclaimed November 11 as Veterans Day. In 1958, unknowns from World War II and the Korean War were buried in the tomb. On May 28, 1984, the body of the Vietnam Unknown was brought from the U.S. Capitol Rotunda to Arlington Cemetery for interment. 

Veterans Prepare To Storm The Beaches of Normandy

Veterans prepare to storm the beaches of Normandy.
BBC World News via Wikimedia Commons

Veterans To Be Honored In Battle Creek Ceremony 

Fort Custer National Cemetery, in Battle Creek, will once again host the Veterans Day Program. The ceremony will traditionally start on Saturday, November 11th at 11 AM. The Hooligans Flight Team will perform a flyover and the keynote address will be delivered by Chief Master Sergeant Jennifer M. Boehner from the 110th Wing. Vocalist Jonathan Barnes will sing “God Bless the USA” and the ceremony will conclude with military honors that include a 21-gun salute and the playing of “Taps”. 

The Fort Custer National Cemetery invites the community to attend this meaningful program to express their appreciation for those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. 

Vietnam Veterans On The Battlefield With The "Huey's"

Vietnam veterans on the battlefield with the "Huey's".
National Archives via Wikimedia Commons

The Hooligans Flight Team

Photos of The Hooligans Flight Team. The Hooligans perform flyovers in vintage aircraft.

Gallery Credit: Brad Carpenter