I can't believe the time has finally come!

Residents in the Otsego and Plainwell area have waited years for construction to begin on the long-awaited restaurant. Now it seems like things are suddenly starting to take shape-- almost overnight.

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About Casa Real

Google Maps
Casa Real - Otsego. Via Google Maps

Casa Real is located in the former laundromat turned restaurant at 232 W Allegan St along M-89. Owners Luciana and Juan Ortiz, whose family also owns Los Amigos on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo, have operated this Otsego location since 2013.

As a resident of nearby Allegan, I can tell you firsthand that ever since our Burrito Boss unexpectedly closed we're seriously lacking in Mexican food. In order to satisfy our cravings for Mexican food we need to make the drive to Malia's in Gobles, Casa Real in Otsego, or San Francisco's in Plainwell.

Every Friday evening when I drive past Casa Real the parking lot is typically packed, which is why I'm so eager for this newer and bigger restaurant to open up!

Google Maps
New Location - via Google Maps

Coming Soon

Not long after the original restaurant opened word began to spread that Casa Real was looking to open another location just down the road. At some point, a "coming soon" sign was placed at the former Wayside Chapel on M-89 near Goodwill, but for years nothing happened.

Until now.

Just days after I first noticed an excavator sitting in the parking lot of the old church, Plainwell resident Patty Stevenson shared on the Allegan County Informed Facebook group that the walls were finally coming down!

Patty Stevenson, with permission
Patty Stevenson, with permission

Judging by the Facebook comments Casa Real does not plan to open a second location, but will move to the Plainwell restaurant once it is completed. Other reactions included:

  • "They also took down the 2 houses behind it. Parking should not be a problem." - Ava Goldsmith
  • "My grandparents were the first ones to get married there" - Kristin Long
  • "I wondered how they were going to make that building work for their restaurant....I guess we know" - Michelle Overton

As excited as I am for this new location, I can't help but wonder what will become of the former Casa Real only 1.5 miles down the road. Maybe they'll turn in back into a laundromat!

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